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Exceptional cars from 1908 to nowadays
The S.C.A.R.
The regional museum Star
Among the many exceptions presented by the Museum Automobile Reims Champagne vehicles, one of them is particularly highlighted for its history directly concerns our
region, Champagne.
Indeed, the SCAR is being featured at the museum because this car was built in 1908 in Witry-lès-Reims by the Society of Automobile Construction Reims.
Rare and exceptional, this car was built to 400 copies only, the fact remains today that 6 or 7 models worldwide .
Dive into the fabulous world of motor conquest !

The industrial era of car manufacturing has been, and still is, a magnificent battle technology, invention and mechanics.

This machine has completely transformed our societies over the years, its evolution is considerable since the internal combustion engine especially as regards the post-war period.

The Museum Automobile Reims Champagne tells you the last century through its 160 models and puts especially before the French and European construction vintage cars: the Dauphine, the DAF 55, the SIMCA 1000, the Peugeot 403 Radowich, the Rosengart Ariette The Citroën 2Cv Antem, etc . Not forgetting the powerful models like the Ford T, Florida, Corvette, Porsche 928, Matra, and many more .

Both means of transport for people and goods, the automobile is mostly become a 'lifestyle', a distinctive sign that strives to present the best Musée Automobile de Reims through a unique collection of leaders industrial works.

A journey into the history of mechanics.

Around the inventors as Philippe Charbonneaux, have built the most magnificent specimens motorized ever imagined. Futuristic shapes arched, of 4WD and directional wheels, three wheels and other specimens 'saucers' rolling .

Philippe Charbonneaux, wanting to pay close attention to the safety aspect of its equipment, had the idea of ​​these impressive éliptiques design. After much research, the Ellipsis vut day and was presented at the Paris in 1992. There was no angle on this body to avoid head-on collisions. The axial driving piloted wheels positioned diamond, the vehicle was able to turn on itself .

In all, seven prototypes were built by Philippe Charbonneaux, one of which is brought here against, the others are visible to the Museum, come and discover them!

HGVs and commercial vehicles

The Museum Automobile Reims Champagne also has a wide range of fire trucks, mostly commercial vehicles having worked in the Champagne-Ardenne region in the last century.

Several advertising vehicles that accompanied the Tour de France in the fifties you are also presented. The Paté truck Marconi or the equally famous 'Nain Gourmand' (photo cons), designed by Philippe Charbonneaux and whose all-metal body has been designed with a hammer to achieve this unique model, one of the prides of the collection !

Quelques modèles de voitures anciennes pour vous allécher !