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A rare Rochet-Schneider from 1905 joins the museum
Friday 12 February 2021
This news was published in : Actualités du musée

On the occasion of the acquisition of a Rochet-Schneider of 1905, the journalists of France 3 followed the volunteers of the museum during the exit of the barn of the automobile.

The owners of an old Rochet-Schneider, an extremely rare car bought in 1905, was acquired by the Automobile Museum in Reims (Marne). The vehicle was sleeping in a barn in Seine-et-Marne.
A very rare car, a Rochet-Schneider, bought in 1905 by a wealthy painter, has just been sold to the Automobile Museum in Reims (Marne). The vehicle drove artists from the turn of the century before being bequeathed in 1936 to its driver, the great-grandfather of the current owners.
Since then, she has spent 60 years sleeping in a barn in Seine-et-Marne. “He would be very moved and I think very happy to know that his car will go to the Reims Automobile Museum, reacts Nathalie Laurent, his great-granddaughter. This car has always been considered a treasure. When we thought about parting with it, we wanted it to be renovated, to keep a link with this car, and that everyone could enjoy it. "
A dream for the owner of the museum
The vehicle has passed through the generations and is about to begin a second life. The two-ton heavy machine is also extremely fragile: it had to be towed and then mounted on a tow truck to take it to Reims, 100 kilometers away, via the motorway. It joined a collection of 200 vehicles, but remained the first Rochet-Schneider in the collection. A dream for the president of the museum, who did not believe it.